Buy the OARs

Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation

The Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation is a 26-volume print publication containing the complete text of OARs filed through Nov. 15 of the previous year. The compilation is available for purchase as a complete set or in individual volumes.

Law libraries in Oregon typically purchase full compilation sets annually to aid administrative rule research. This is a convenient way of locating older versions of rules that can no longer be accessed on the current OAR web site. Attorneys, government agencies and others who have an interest in the OARs of a particular state agency often buy the volume of the compilation containing that agency's rules.

The Oregon Bulletin

The Oregon Bulletin is a monthly online publication containing rulemaking notices and hearings, recently filed permanent and temporary rules, and certain non-OAR notices. The Bulletin supplements the annual Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation by providing current information on upcoming rulemaking actions by state agencies, including information on where, when and how to testify or comment on proposed rule changes. 

The Bulletin publishes filing information and full text of adopted and amended permanent and temporary rules. It also contains a cumulative index listing all permanent and temporary administrative rule actions since publication of the most recent compilation. Print-on-demand versions of the Bulletin can be purchased from the Administrative Rules Unit.

Ordering OAR Publications

The annual printed Oregon Administrative Rules Compilations come out early each year and contain OARs filed through Nov. 15 of the previous year. The compilations can be obtained in sets or by individual volumes, which must be preordered during a November through December time period. Volume breakdowns and order forms will become available at that time.

For more information about the compilations or other printed versions of OARs, email Julie Yamaka or phone 503-378-5199.​