Farm Products Master List

Find Registered Buyers of Farm Products, Commission Merchants or Selling Agents

The Master List is posted as an Excel spreadsheet (XLS) by the 9th of each month.

To provide a comprehensive search of all agricultural filings (EFS, ASL, APL and GL), the Farm Products Master List is a search by debtor process. To use this search effectively, first filter the listing down to the debtor name you want, and then review all of the images associated with it to determine what is subject to the lien. If you need more help, please consult the Help tab on the list .

Farm Products Master List: ucc-farm-products-master-list.xls​ (works best in Chrome or Firefox).

The Farm Products Master List includes only farm product liens that have not lapsed - ORS 80.118. To access liens up to one year past the lapse date, use our UCC Search.

Find Registered Buyers of Farm Products, Commission Merchants or Selling Agents: Farm Products - List of Registered Buyers (PDF).

Farm Products Forms


Red farm house with snow capped mountains in back.


For questions about the Master List or Farm Products registration, please contact the Corporation Division.