Oregon Recreation History

skiier in midair
Olof Rodegard jumps off a snow cornice on Mt. Hood circa 1937. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
Oregon is blessed with some of the most striking natural wonders in the nation. The state’s stunning coastline, Cascade Mountain Range and abundant rivers form a unique geography that has captivated Oregonians for generations. Few aspects of Oregon’s past express this enduring relationship quite so well as the state’s history of outdoor recreation. This essay traces key aspects of that history.

Part One

Hunting, fishing, boating, rodeo...

Part Two

State parks, national parks, bicycling...

Part Three

Hiking, winter sports, water sports...

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About the Writer

Katie Hill was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. She graduated from South Salem High School in 2015 and is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. While at home, she enjoys cycling, swimming and spending New Year’s with family on the Oregon Coast.