Kow Kamp Ranch

Established by Dr. Benjamin and Sarah Davenport in 1851
Location: Marion County
2009 Owners: Ann D. Vasconi and John H. Davenport III


Dr. Benjamin and Sarah Davenport came from Ohio to Oregon in 1851 and took out a donation land claim seven miles from present-day Silverton in the Waldo Hills. Davenport brought a good medical library over the Oregon Trail and practiced medicine until his death in 1857, but he still made time to begin to turn his claim into a productive farm. His son, Benjamin Jr., transformed the farm into one of the most attractive in Marion County. Over the years he raised cattle, Shropshire sheep, horses, pigs, and poultry; grew grain and hay; and maintained an orchard.


All but 20 acres of the original 320 acres remain in the family. The primary crop is grass seed. Wagyu cattle and Registered Border Cheviot sheep are also raised.
A cow stands among trees with her calf.
A Wagyu cow and calf at the Kow Kamp Ranch. (Davenport Family Photo)

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