Oregon Student Essays Web Exhibit 2017

Mizuki is my best friend we both heard about this competition. She drew this picture for you and maybe the book. 
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Elementary School Category

"Mending Lila" by:

Jada Jones, Essay Contest Winner

Illustration by Mizuki Maddock
Ashley Baker’s Fourth Grade Class
Yujin Gakuen School, Eugene

Mizuki Maddock's drawing of a butterfly in front of some evergreen trees
A butterfly with a torn wing drawn by Mizuki Maddock to illustrate this essay.
My most memorable Oregon experience was camping along the Crooked River with family. We fly fished for trout and watched birds hunt in the canyon. This whole area is beautiful.
On the first day of our trip I saw a Monarch butterfly. I got close and noticed a large tear in it’s wing. I asked my parents how we could help. They couldn’t fix the wing, but said I could find it nectar.
For the next few days I cared for Lila. She held on to me wherever I went. On the fourth day we needed to head back home and I couldn’t take her with us. I wished she could fly again and continue her journey. At that moment, Lila said good bye and flew away.
I will always remember this experience. I hope you are able to have an experience in Oregon you will never forget.