Unsolicited Trademark Related Services Solicitation

Oregon Businesses Beware​

There is a new business-to-business mailing that looks deceptively like a mailing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This unsolicited offer comes from an Idaho company calling itself United States Trademark Information Services (PDF)​. It is similar to other solicitations that have been reported around the country for some time.

​​The company sends an official-looking notice marked IMPORTANT ADVISORY and URGENT, instructing the recipient to complete the form and return it to them for assistance in registering their business name as a trademark.

The International Trademark Association has issued an advisory warning about similar types of unsolicited mass-mail solicitations offering to assist businesses with unnecessary and duplicative services. These companies charge substantial fees for services the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides for free.

Read the International Trademark Association warning to brand owners.

Detecting Deceptive Solicitations

Be sure to read solicitations carefully to determine if they are, in fact, from a government agency and require a response. Solicitations from some private organizations are difficult to distinguish from government correspondence at first glance. Upon close reading, you may find disclaimers noting that the organization is not government affiliated.

Registering a Trademar​k

Your business name may be eligible for registration as a trademark, if the name and application meet legal requirements. We can assist you with registration of Oregon trademarks - feel free to call with questions: 503-986-2200. In addition, it's always in your best interests to contact a reputable trademark attorney for assistance in registering federal trademarks.​​​​

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