Business and Consumer Complaints

At the Corporation Division, we don't have the regulatory authority to enforce Oregon law.  We cannot offer legal​ advice or mediate disputes between parties, whether they are between business own​ers, consumers or businesses. The following resources may be of assistance in filing a complaint or resolving a business or consumer dispute.

The Oregon Department of Justice, Financial Fraud and Consumer Protection Section regulates the Oregon marketplace, primarily by enforcing Oregon's Unlawful Trade Practices Act. This includes educating consumers and businesses about their rights and obligations under the law. It operates a hotline for questions or complaints about business practices.  

Call the Financial Fraud​ and Consumer Protection Section Hotline at 503-378-4320 or toll-free in Oregon at 877-877-9392.  

Department of Consumer and Business S​ervices (DCBS) is the state's largest regulatory and consumer protection agency. DCBS administers state laws and rules governing workers' compensation, occupational safety and health, building codes, the operation of insurance companies and financial institutions, and securities offerings. It also has consumer protection and education programs and offices and ombudsmen to help consumers, injured workers and businesses. 

The Construction and Landscape Co​ntractors Board licenses and regulates construction and landscape contractors in Oregon. Owners, employees, suppliers and other cont​​ractors can file a claim for breach of contract, negligent or improper work, or nonpayment. 

Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) is a resource for Oregonia​ns who feel they have been discriminated against or who have not received their proper wages. You can call for information and for help filing a complaint.  

Bend 541-322-2435
Eugene 541-686-7623
Medford 541-776-6270
Pendleton 541-276-7884
Portland 503-731-4200; TDD 503-731-4106
Salem 503-378-3292 

Oregon State Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service to link people seeking legal assistance with lawyers and programs able to assist them. Call even if you are unsure whether you need to speak to an attorney. The staff can help you determine the type of help you need or give inform​ation about Oregon State Bar, government and community service programs.

Phone: 503-684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636  

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The Commission seeks to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively and are vigorous, efficient and free of undue restrictions. 

Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is co-sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). IFCC's mission is to address fraud committed over the Internet. For victims of Internet fraud, IFCC provides a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation.  

Better Business Bureau offers a variety of programs and resources to help facilitate the satisfactory resolution of your complaint.  

Oregon's Office of Small Business​​​ Assistance​ is an independent voice for small business within state government. When problems arise, the advocate works collaboratively with small business and state agencies to resolve issues.