Blocked Web Page

Possible Causes and Remedies

Blacklisted Internet Protocol (IP) address: The IP address has been flagged as possibly malicious. Solution: First, verify that your IP address has been blacklisted. If your IP address is listed, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to let them know that your IP address has been blocked and that you require a new IP address. You also may be able to access our website from another computer, such as at the library or an Internet cafe.

Anonymous or hidden proxy server: Your actual IP address is not visible to us. Solution: You must disable your proxy service and ensure that you're using a direct IP connection.

Unsupported Web browser: You may be using a browser that’s not supported by the Oregon Secretary of State website. Solution: Install the current version of a widely used browser that is supported by the SoS site, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.​​​​